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kenny brooks, tenor sax
tony mason, drums
spencer murphy, bass

ben rubin, bass
diego voglino, drums

'a disciple of psychedelic subterfuge, coupled with post-cool intensity.'  sf weekly

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here's my song, 'press play'.  recorded at the piedmont piano co., oakland, ca.  nov 2015

i wrote a short story for the liner notes of frank locrasto's latest recording called, locrasto.  you can check it out and buy it here.

sasha dobson and i recently did a video session at the big wrench piano co. in brooklyn.  thanks to brian whiton for having us.  here are few of the songs we did:
- this one is a solo number - a song i wrote trying to write a sit-com tv show theme not unlike, taxi.  it's called, sans francisco.
- here is my old flame, with sasha.
- and here is the great song by tadd dameron, if you could see me now.  

it's been two years since i did a two week arist residency at the ucross foundation in wyoming.  two weeks of uninterrupted time to work on whatever i wanted.  and so i practiced ever day on a beautiful yamaha C3 and worked on my book of stories i'm calling, 50,000 bonghits. and i wrote some arrangements for the record of pop songs i'm thinking of doing as a sequel to STANDARDS 2000.  i also got started on a collection of new trio pieces inspired by my beautiful surroundings in the high plains.  a good friend of mine told me recently that art was all about the creation of beauty.  i was thinking about that a lot in relation to what i have created so far and what i want to create next.  one thing's for sure, it was a life changing experience for me that i continue to be inspired by.  

the 52 episode television show i shot in the summer with bari koral for the veria network called, yogapalooza, is on the air on the veria living/z network.  i played the on-screen paul shaffer side-kick, wrote all the underscoring and was the musical director.  our new album, the apple tree and the honey bee, recorded in nashville and produced by brad jones, came out in may.  i played bass, piano, organ, wurly and vibes and sing some background vox on it and co-wrote one of the songs.

THE FORMER MEMBERS have just finished another 14 shows in 14 days tour of the uk.  that's impressive for guys not in their 60's.   every cat in the band played at monterey pop in '67 - bruce barthol and david cohen were w/ COUNTRY JOE AND THE FISH, roy blumenthal w/ THE BLUES PROJECT and greg douglas w/ THE STEVE MILLER BAND, LINK WRAY, HOT TUNA and VAN MORRISON.  their debut recording is available on their website - recorded at hyde st. studios in sf, i produced and ben rubin mixed.

speaking of san fran...the sf jazz ctr has opened at franklin and fell and what do you know, they put my name on the bldg right above chris botti and right below dave holland. you can also see donny mccaslin's last name in the photo, an sf sax legend and super great cat.  it is truly an honor.

spike wilner, the owner of smalls, has opened a new room across 7th ave from smalls.  it's called mezzrow and it is a small listening room that showcases new york's best jazz pianists.  i am honored to be in the company of those who have played there so far in the brief time it has been open:  alan broadbent, george cables, ethan iverson, jon davis, sacha perry, peter zak, pete malenverni, johnny oneal, dave kikoski, ehud ahserie, kenny werner, harold mabern, john chin, larry willis, george colligan, theo hill, lafayette harris, kirk lightsy, aaron diehl, anthony wonsey, bruce barth, aaron parks, richard wyands, mike kanan, rossano sportiello, brad mehldau, cyrus chestnut and of course, spike, himself.  

and since september, 2012 and till further notice i play solo piano on a beautiful steinway m at del posto in chelsea 4 nights a week (typically, thurs-sun but kurt wieting and i switch it up sometimes), 7-11pm.  it is the country's only 4-star italian restaurant, lidia and joe bastianich/mario batali, owners.  
CELEBRITY SIGHTINGS: annie ross, tony bennett, iggy pop, robert redford, the president of gabon, bill clinton, mike myers, matt stone, olivia harrison, yoko ono, tim finchem, garrison keillor (2x), anthony zerbe, michael symon, gordon ramsey, lou reed (2x), kim catrell, chole sevigny, les claypool, don rickles, savion glover, samantha mathis (3x), john legend, julianne moore, howie long, mark mothersbaugh, lady gaga, savion glover, don rickles, barbra streisand, kirk hammet, beck, jonathan cain, tommy lee, pirlo, john legend, alicia silverstone, mumford and two of his three sons




the dred scott trio/going nowhere

the dred scott trio/going nowhere

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this is my last trio recording.  it's from 2012.  ben rubin, bass.  tony mason, drums.  i wrote all the tunes but one and took the cover photo.  

'This longtime working band, led by the sly pianist- raconteur Dred Scott, recently released “Going Nowhere” (Ropeadope), a good showcase for its puckish but aggressive take on postbop aerodynamics.' ny times

  1.  66 6ths
  2.  final resting place
  3.  apropos of nothing
  4.  mojo rhythm (son of yaah!)
  5.  press play
  6.  schneidleweiss
  7.  that lick i invented
  8.  seven steps to heaven (feldman)
dred scott - prepared piano

dred scott - prepared piano

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 my first solo piano recording - improvisations on a modified schafer and sons.  live takes.  no overdubs.  no editing. 


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  • dred

    dred bay ridge, ny

    thanks, chip!!

    thanks, chip!!

  • Chip Watterson

    Chip Watterson Bayport, NY

    Saw you at Clovis Point vineyards. Really great gig despite having to play a distressed baby grand. You are awesome!

    Saw you at Clovis Point vineyards. Really great gig despite having to play a distressed baby grand.
    You are awesome!

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