Louis Armstrong and Hampton Hawes


Satchmo - My Life in New Orleans - Louis Armstrong (1954)

Raise Up Off Me - Hampton Hawes/Don Asher (1972)

What is it about books? Not audio books or books you read on your Kindle - actual books. Like record…

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Roald Dahl

Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator - Roald Dahl (1972)
Illustrated by Joseph Shindelman


I have loved Roald Dahl since I was 10. I started with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, of course, and moved on to all his books…

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Cannibals at sea

In the Heart of the Sea - Nathaniel Philbrick  (2000)
385 days - Jonathan Franklin   (2015)


My local is called O'Sullivans. It's three long blocks from the Narrows where I live and is the first sign of civilization on a…

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Annie Ross says, "C'mon in!"

Annie Ross Says ‘Come on In!’...and try her favourite recipes (1972)


My mom used to read cookbooks. I never understood it. How can you just read ingredients and procedure? That's got to be boring. Nobody writes that well. But my…

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Jessica DuLong and Rober Lord

Dust to Deliverance - Jessica DuLong   (2021)

A Night to Remember - Walter Lord    (1955)


When I moved to NYC more than 20 years ago, I was reading a lot. I bounced around town playing ballet and modern dance classes…

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John Lithgow and David Koresh

A Confederacyy of Dumptys (2021)
Trumpty Dumpty Wanted a Crown (2020)
John Lithgow

Breaking The World Jerry Gordon (2018)

I got these two Lithgow books last year for Xmas. They are numbers two and three of his series of satirical…

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Basil Frankweiler and History Smashers

From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler     E.L. Konigsberg   (1967) 

Plagues and Pandemics - History Smashers      Kate Messner  (2021) 

If I'm going to make my goal of 100, I'll have to include kids books and books I might…

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I'm back from The Jungle

What's it been? Two years? How was your pandemic? We survived well enough. Better than too many. I finished my book, 50,000 Bonghits, so I did something productive during my down time. At the beginning of this year I was…

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today's ride 1.21.18/3.23.20 

today's ride  1.21.18/3.23.20 

tagot - groupe oyiwane/rough guide to the music of the sahara 

hymne a l'amour - william bolcom/marc-andre hamelin/12 new etudes 

sugar, sugar - sugar beats/skipped and deleted 

images serie 2 la lune....- debussy/thibaudet 

the fighting side of…

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memory lane 

memory lane - 2.10.19 

it is now february, 2019. my last dispatch was a year ago. it doesn't seem like that long ago because there have been distractions from my bike riding listening project - some of them health related…

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