over the years, i've supplemented my income playing dance classes. i've played class for mark morris, merce cunningham, margaret jenkins, alonzo king, doug varone, joe goode, marjorie mussman, david wood, marni wood, allegra kent, betty jones, and ashley tuttle. i've been on the staff of the alivin ailey school, uc berkeley, barnard college, julliard, marymount manhattan and the jofferey school. it's something i've always done. and along the way i've composed music for the dancers and choreographers i've met. here are some examples of music written for them...

dredrum - this is a track that got rejected by a choreographer i was working with that wanted a very percussion heavy vibe.  i play all the instruments.

prepared piano/melodic - this was created for jose limon choreographer and teacher, alan danielson.

underfrost - this was made for choreographer, maxine steinman.
'underfrost, was an ingenious solo to music by dred scott in which ms. steinman towered in a red gown that made here resemble an enormous flower.  she looked majestic in stature, yet she also looked vulnerable.  when she shed the gown, she seemed totally frail.  putting on a new gown made her stately again, but she still appeared vulnerable.'   jack anderson, ny times.

trapeze - a german trapeze act commissioned this string quartet.  it features jenny scheinman.

dredrockmax - working again with maxine steinman on this exploration of 50's social mores based on the images of norman rockwell.  she called it, 'rockwell unravelled.'
'In it, Steinman attempts to take apart the neat, stereotypic face of the notorious Norman Rockwell painting.  As the painting comes alive for us, we begin to see Steinman’s own interpretation of the underlying relationships in the otherwise static painting that generations of Americans have come to know.'  
juliet neidish, ballet-dance magazine