the dred scott trio - scott free
  • the dred scott trio - scott free
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'what can one say when one hears a free-form jazz odyssey of this caliber?'  derek smalls

the title says it all.  very little structure or form to this recording except for the 'bird' tune.  

  1.  improvisation 1
  2.  years ago (wolleson)
  3.  let's try using that wind-wand thing and the fretless
  4.  singe - var. 1  (davis)
  5.  improvisation 2
  6.  let's try using the log drum with that funky bass shit
  7.  presto
  8.  improvisation 1 (reprise)
  9.  donna lee (parker)

dred - piano, voice
wilbur krebs - bass
kenny wollesen - drums


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