The Pacific Jazz Group - Ropeadope
A tribute to the Pacific Jazz record label of the 1950's and 60's (later, World Pacific). 
Eric Crystal, tenor saxophone
John Wiitala, bass
Smith Dobson - drums

Dred Scott Rides Alone - Ropeadope
piano, bass, drums, keyboards - all songs and tunes written by dred

Davis Kathriner - Losing Habits - a mano records

Bari Koral Family Rock Band - Little box of Happy
piano, bass, keyboards, vibraphone

Moona Luna - Vamos, Let's Go!
piano, synth, organ, wurly, clavinet

Todd Clouser's A Love Electrio - The Naked Beat

Bari Koral Family Band - Anna and the Cupcakes
producer, bass, piano, organ, wurly, vocals

Jay Collins and the Kings Co. Band - Rivers, Blues and Other People - Sundown
piano. special guests - Levon Helm, Donald Fagan

MC Extra Cheese and the Dred Scott Trio - Prepare for Blast-off - Cheesehole records
MCEC sits in with the trio regularly at our Muesday nite gig in manhattan at the Rockwood Music Hall (5 years, running). This record documents some of the best moments.

Carol Lipnik and Spookarama - M.O.T.H. - MAM
producer, piano, organ melodica, electric guitar, bass and drums. Carol sings her crazy Coney Island monster music. It is the best record i've done to date.

Dred Scott - Prepared Piano - Ropeadope
Solo piano. Live improvisations.

The Dred Scott Trio - Going Nowhere  - Ropeadope
My last self-produced trio studio recording. ben rubin, bass. tony mason, drums. All original tunes except for “7 Steps to Heaven.”


Richard Julian  - Girls Need Attention - Compass
melodica, pianet, organ and wurly
More great songs from Richard. Lee Alexander produced.

The Bari Koral Family Band - Rock ‘n’ Roll Garden
producer, bass, vocals, organ, melodica, accordion
Top ten kid's records of 2010 - Time Out New York.  Winner of Nappa Gold Parent's Choice award.


Bruce Barthol - The Decline and Fall of Everything
My first job as a producer. Bruce was the original bassist for Country Joe and the Fish ("Fixin' to Die Rag"), the main songwriter and musical director for the San Grancisco Mime Troupe for the past 35 years and he is also a good friend. This ten song collection spans subjects from the Spanish Civil War to closing steelplants to dying Texas towns. Evangelism, break-up and romance. With Diego Voglino, Dan Rieser, Liberty Ellman and Carol Lipnik. I play piano, organ and bass.

Jay Collins and the Kings Co. Band - The Songbird and the Pigeon - Sundown
piano and electric piano
With Diego Voglino, Tim Luntzel, Scott Sharrard and Moses Patrou. 'Jay's soulful croak deserves to be heard.' TimeOut NY

The Dred Scott Trio - Live at the Rockwood Music Hall - Ropeadope
The trio had been playing at the Rockwood every Tuesday nite at midnite for three years when Ken Rockwood suggested we make a record. This is it. Mostly original tunes. Also tunes by Bill Mchenry, Black Sabbath and Ernie Krivda. Ben Rubin, bass. Tony Mason, drums.

MC Extra Cheese - 86gl
Played keys, bass and guitar on the hilarious and clever rapper's debut produced by Nappy G who I met when Alphabet Soup used to come to New York and play at The Cooler with Groove Collective in the early 90's. There are no guest mc's on this album. Just lots of great raps about bitches, drugs, sex and senseless violence.

Blue State Band
Played piano on this debut record by this New England country band.

Richard Julian -Slow New York - EMI
piano, organ, melodica. brad jones produced. norah jones and lee alexander produced two songs. with kenny wollesen, dan reiser, tim luntzel, tony sher , andy borger and jim campilongo. another great collection of songs by richard.

President's Breakfast - Formidable Foe
Another dubtastic adventure from Click Dark. I contribute a little writing, some vocals, probably some keyboards and massive herb consumption.

Carol Lipnik - Could Girl - MAM
organ, electric bass, piano, percussions and melodica
Quirky, coney island, voodoo mermaid music.

The Jay Collins Band - Poem for you Today - Hipbone
piano, organ, keyboard
Tom Waits meets Louis Armstrong meets Taj Mahal meets the Allman Bros.

Gaelan McKenna - Woodbach
 'A collage of sounds combining elements of world, ambient and jazz music.' I play acoustic and electric piano on 3 cuts.

The Living Room - Live in NYC
piano and organ with Richard Juliian on 3 songs.

The Dred Scott Trio with Kenny Brooks - Ropeadope
After I moved to NYC, I continued to return to San Fran to perform. On one of those trips in 2002, Kenny Wollesen was playing at Yoshi's w/ Bill Frisell the same time Wilbur Krebs and I were in town. I set up a session at an Emeryville studio adding Kenny Brooks and this is the result. Two tunes by Wilbur. Two by me.

Mudville - The Glory of Man is not in Vogue - Slurry
down tempo, moody, buddha music created by Marilyn Carino and Ben Rubin.

Marshall Crehshaw - What's in the Box? - razor and tie
Played a farfisa solo on one tune. Loved the session. Marshall is the coolest.

Christopher Dallman -Race the Light - Treasure
Piano on the young singer/songwriter's debut record.

Richard Julian - Good Life - my good man records
I never met anyone who could write songs like Richard - on command through craft and refinement. I suppose that's how you write good and great songs. I just never knew anyone like that. The first recording in what would be a long association that coninues to this day.

President's Breakfast- iii c - disclexia
Arranged a section of ‘A Love Supreme’ and played clavinet on a tune. More funky dub from Click Dark.

Gaelan McKenna - Off the Continent
Self-produced ‘combination of african field recordings and urban grooves. Piano on a few cuts. Played my best ever on ‘Gbeya Blues.’

Makana- moonroom Records
I never actually met this guy. Joward johnson from Different Fur asked me to overdub some piano on one cut. Makana is a slat-key guitarist from Hawaii.

Bpob Brumbaloe - Who Knew?
Piano on two cuts.

Eric Crystal - Dark Matterr - red giant
Self-produced recording of originals by young Bay Area saxophonist.

Joel Harrison Octet - Range of Motion - kach jazz
piano - Kind of a world music thing with Paul McCandless, Elliot Kavee, Eric Crystal, Derek Jones, Marty Whener, Russ Gold and Julian Gerstin.  Joel's music can be intricate as well as beautiful and spiritual.

Alphabet Soup - Strivin' - Ch'Ching
The last gasp of a great band that could've been great. Whatever the reasons the band never broke, this is a good representation of how we sounded.


Alphabet Soup - Layin' Low in the Cut - mamoth/prawn song
The first full-length recording of The Soup. Two studio cuts and the rest is live. SF Bammie winner, Best Urban Contemporary Recording.

President's Breakfast - Barbecur Dali - disclexia
piano, melodica
. An improvised music recording with Will Bernard, Nate (the shit) Pitts, Dopn Byron and Click.

President's Breakfast - Doo Process - disclexia
keyboards. Click Dark's second recording with this project, the first available only on vinyl. Ee does a nice job with a tune from my first recording and in addition to his own nutty compositions does an arrangement of a Will Bernard tune. More funky, dubby, crunchy, ganky insanity.

Up and Down Club Sessions, vol. 2 -  prawn song
JJ Morgan asked me to write a couple of tunes for a group of his choosing that included Kenny Brooks, Josh Jones, Charlie Hunter, Geoff Brennan and myself on piano. It could be the only recording of Charlie just playing the guitar. Don Cherry also guests. Winner sf bammie,Best Jazz Recording.

Consolidated - Business of Punishment - London
supplied a little clavinet gownk on a couple tunes.

Robert Hohner Percussion Ensemble - The Gamut - dmp
. Features Dave Samuels on one of his tunes and Joe Morello playing 
Blue Rondo a la Turk (the tune my brother and I used to practice incessantly to drive my mother mad) and the first tune i ever learned, Take Five. Other selections include an amazing piece for sextet and eight chromatic drums that the soloist made himself and a Steve Reich piece called, Pieces of Wood.

Steve Horowitz - The Code - Fot 
. Wacky Bay Area outsters Ralph Carney, Willy iwnant and Myles Boisen contribute. The Jean Baudrillard quote in the liner notes says it better than I could, "Today, the real and the imaginary are confounded in the same operational totality.....it is an aestheitc reality via the anticipation and the eminence of the code."

The Love Posse with Moe Dark - McGarrett is a verb - disclexia
percussion, background vocals, samples and keyboards
. quirkie, funky, laswell meets sly meets beefheart w/ dub. 
this guy's name is bill langton but he goes by click dark. 
moe is his crooning brother.

Robert Hohner Percussion Ensemble - Liftoff - dmp
Piano and celeste
. Features Bob Mintzer
. Selections include a marimba arrangement of Barber's Adagio for Strings, tunes by Eddie Palmieri and Pat Metheny and the incredible title track for nine bass drums.

Up and Down Club Session Vol. 1
Keyboards on two tunes w/ Alphabet Soup. 
Other acts:  The Dry Look, Will Bernard Trio, Josh Jones Latin Jazz Ensemble, Charlie Hunter Trio. 

Produced by JJ. Morgan.

Anthony Braxton - 8+3 Tristano Compositions - Hat Art
Anthony Braxton - alto, sopranino and flute
 / Jon Raskin - bari
tone sax / Cecil McBee - bass / Andrew Cyrille - drums / dred - piano   
My first recording. I wanted to do one of the duets over. We only did two takes of every tune. Mr. Braxton said to me, 'Mr. Scott, we are not robots!'