TV, Film & Stage

As a composer and multi-instrumentalist Dred has worked in TV, Film and the Stage: 


Dred has composed for and played on many commercials, PSA's and TV shows.
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Dred composed music for the award-winning documentary film Home (starring Woody Allen, Liam Neeson, Mike Myers, Susan Sarandon, Al Molina, Rosie Perez, Colin Quinn andFran Leibowitz).  




As a dynamic personality, Dred shined as the on-camera side-kick and Musical Director for 51 Episodes of the highly-acclaimed music & yoga kids TV show Yogapalooza with Bari Koral for Veria Network.  



Dred performed in the film, Once More With Feeling, with Linda Fiorentio and Chazz Palmenteri.



In the 90’s Dred composed music for and performed in six San Francisco Mime Troupe productions which toured across the country with its live stage productions.   


Dred has composed music for choreographers Alan Danielson, Mary Lisa Burns, Maxine Steinman, SQUAD and Jo Kreiter from Zaccho.

Because of his extensive repertoire, Dred is also a respected accompanist and has worked for many choreographers and dance companies including Margaret Jenkins, Joe Goode, Oberlin Dance Collective, Mark Morris and Merce Cunningham.