Browse through six examples of my collaborative work as a producer with various artists:

Big Sky is from the carol lipnik and spookarama recording, M.O.T.H.  
 this one didn't make it onto the final album but i thought it was a nice tribute to 
 the great, ennio morricone.  i play everything but the fiddle and the whistling.
 i could never whistle that well.  something you didn't know, maybe...bill mchenry
 and emilie cardinaux are both excellent whistlers, like bebop lines and shit.  they
 were not available, however.  this was recorded at the bunker.


hearts is from the bari koral family band recording, anna and the cupcakes.
this album was named top 10 coolest kid's recordings of 2012 by PEOPLE magazing.
i'm playing bass and organ and singing background vox.  i co-wrote this one with bari.


pop is from the bari koral family band recording, rock and roll garden.  this record
won three parents choice awards in 2010.  i play bass, piano and accordion on this

bruce barthol was the original bass player in country joe and the fish.  i've known him as the songwriter for the san franicisco mime troupe for the last 30 years.  we culled his enormous backlog of songs to make this collection.  this is his first recording and i am honored he asked me to help him with it.  w/ diego voglino, dan rieser, liberty ellman and carol lipnik.  recorded at the bunker.   

the fifth song is from m.o.t.h.   a classic theme, the moth to the flame but
carol's lyric is so heavy and fresh.  it's one of my favorite songs ever.  we
give it a kind of pj harvey treatment.

the tight noose of my will
has grown loosened with longing

to fly straight to your flame
and surrender to the burning

and become as i burn
something dazzling

and become as i burn
something new
something strange

#6 is a song by THE BAND called, remedy.  it's a cover from the debut, self-titled album, THE FORMER MEMBERS.  the bandmates are ex-bandmates of COUNTRY JOE AND THE FISH, THE BLUES PROJECT and THE STEVE MILLER BAND.  it was recorded at HYDE ST. STUDIO in san francisco.  it was fun to work as producer in a great studio that i had recorded in many times before.  it was very familiar.  many of the same winos.